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Eating Disorder Coaching & Support

Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy is excited to have the opportunity to provide additional resources to clients through Eating Disorder Coaching & Support. Eating disorder mentoring and coaching are growing areas of recovery support services. Coaches and mentors offer a variety of services not provided in traditional treatment, including meal support, shopping, and home visits. 

Whether you are currently seeing a Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy provider or have an outside treatment team, we are happy to stand by you during your journey to recovery.

Options for coaching and support:​

  • Individual meal support

  • Meal Planning

  • Daily meal check-ins*

  • Parent Support

  • School Lunch Support

  • Grocery Shopping (with guidance by your Registered Dietitian)

  • Clothes Shopping

  • Virtual Home visit

  • Exercise Support

  • Text/Email Support throughout the day
  • Real-time Skills Coaching (via phone, Facetime, or Skype)

Options and pricing:

  • Individual Meal Support: $50/session

  • Menu guidance based on meal plan: $50/30 minute or $75 per 45 minute session

  • Text/Email support & meal check-ins: $50/week

  • Skills coaching- $50/30 minutes

    • DBT, CBT, Mindfulness, Grounding Techniques, etc.​

  • Facetime School Lunch Support: $50/session​

  • Exercise Support: $50/ 30-minute session 


  • Choose 1+ daily meal check-ins: $100/week*

    • Individual meal support​

    • Meal Planning

    • Grocery shopping

    • Clothes Shopping

    • Exercise Support

    • Skills Coaching

    • Virtual Home visit

*If using the Recovery Record platform/app, there is an additional $9 per 4 weeks (or 1 month)

* For a free, 20-minute phone consultation, please contact  713-997-9613 x 1 for more information.

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