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Kiera Malcolm


Kiera is currently a post-baccalaureate student studying Human Nutrition at the University of Houston. She plans to pursue her dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian and work in community nutrition and public health.


Kiera received her first bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture and Design at Florida State University and worked in Commercial Architecture for three years. She started her career working on mixed-use and office building design projects. However, her passion for nutrition and counseling led her to return to school to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics. At Wc&Nt, Kiera leads clients through Group Meal Supports and offers Recovery Coaching through the Recovery Record platform. 


Outside of work, you can find her teaching yoga or doing activities like biking and rock climbing. She also loves thrifting furniture or unique home décor items and cooking up new recipes in the kitchen!

Recovery Coach
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