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Mindful Movement

Pastel Swirl

Mindful Movement

Do you enjoy M&Ms? 

You do?! So do we! 

But we're not talking about chocolate....


At Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy we believe "there is an M for anyone" in our kind of M&M: Mindful Movement. 

So what is Mindful Movement?

If you struggle with compulsive exercise, resistance to exercise because it is always focused on the goal of weight loss, or feel like you have a negative relationship with exercise, mindful movement is just for you. ​

Essentially mindful movement is about slowing down and getting your mind and body connected; In today's culture exercise is normally used for burning calories, "always using exercise to cope with stress and anxiety", or necessary to lose weight. 

At Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy we believe "there is an M for anyone" in our kind of M&M: Mindful Movement. Currently we have an assortment of classes in yoga and personal training that will complement and work with your recovery.

Yoga with Alex Cisneros

Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 hr
Yoga is thought to be a helpful practice to support regulation of emotions and improve the mind-body connection. Currently, research is being conducted to see the added benefits of yoga in eating disorders care. 

Yin Yoga
A slow and relaxed pace of yoga focusing only on seated postures for stretching and mobility. Targeted areas: deep connective tissues (fascia, ligaments, and joints). Yin Yoga helps you stretch and lengthen these tissues while incorporating breathing techniques to support discomfort and sitting with your thoughts.

Hatha Yoga
A slower paced yoga that deliberately places you into different poses, challenging your strength, balance, and flexibility while using relaxation and mindfulness.
Targeted areas: muscle and joint flexibility and core strength. Hatha Yoga also greatly improves stress reduction and lessens depression symptoms. 
Pricing Structure
  • 1 hour private guided yoga session $50
    • Pre-Paid Package of 8 private guided sessions $375​
  • 1 hour group yoga session (5 or more individuals) $20/group
    • Pre-Paid Package of 10 group sessions $175 ​​

Personal Training with Erik Anderson 

Certified NASM Personal Trainer

Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy has partnered with Erik Anderson, a certified NASM personal trainer in order to provide additional resources to clients who may struggle with exercise.

After many years in the corporate world, Erik is now doing what he is passionate about, helping people. Regardless of your experience with exercise, Erik employs a gentle approach that can help to move you toward a healthy relationship with your body through joyful movement and reasonable exercise goals that involve strength, ability to move, and promotion of overall health without a focus on weight loss.

Whether you are currently seeing a Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy provider or have an outside treatment team, we are happy to stand by you during your journey to recovery.

Pricing Structure
  • Individual Training 60 minutes $65/session
  • Individual Training 30 minutes $50/session
    • Pre-paid package of 8 individual 60 min sessions $400
            (must be used within 3 months)
    • Pre-paid package of 8 individual 30 min sessions $300
            (must be used within 3 months)
  • Group Training 60 minutes (3-4 individuals) $25/per participant
  • Buddy Training 60 minutes (2 individuals) $30/per participant

*If no availability appears you may need to look at the next business day. 

That simple!....We look forward to talking to you!

Or Just call 713-997-9613 x 1. If we do not answer please leave your name and number and we will return your call within one (1) business day.

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