Meet our newest dietitian, Brenna!!

Hello! My name is Brenna!!

I am the new resident at WCNT. This means that I will be receiving lots of supervision and training from Jill Sechi, MS, RDN, CEDRD-S, LD while I build clientele and study to take the RD exam in two months. I recently completed my Dietetic Internship, a rigorous supervised practice program, and will be a registered dietitian when I complete the national exam. I have my bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, where I proudly graduated Magna Cum Laude. I also started an intuitive eating education program while at UH. Since college, I have worked at a residential treatment program for adolescents with ED. I worked on both the nutrition and mental health sides and have a deep understanding of CBT and DBT concepts that I utilize during sessions.

My interest in eating disorders comes from growing up in a very disordered eating environment. Growing up in Katy, TX, I know just how rigorous schooling and band and theater and work and volunteering and family time can yet… It’s a lot of ands! I knew from a young age that diets and restrictions are unhealthy: now here I am to change this diet-focused culture.

I have an interest in working with clients with ARFID (Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder) and men with eating disorders and disordered eating. I also providing queer-informed care. Using validation and empathy, I aim to empower these sometimes misunderstood groups to take control of their recovery.

While these are my core interests, I enjoy guiding ALL people to food freedom, no matter the diagnosis. I believe that meeting you where you are is important. While I will push you in your recovery, I understand that it’s a scary thing to do.

I have only on rule about food - there are no rules!

I encourage people to listen to the experts-- themselves. I like to consider myself a tour guide of eating: pointing out hunger/fullness cues, new experiences to try, and ways to make your meals more pleasant. My ultimate goal is to have you drive your own tour bus, where I will be a passenger pointing out some things you may have missed.

And once you’ve traveled all over the new city, I’ll get off the bus so you can explore even more.

And I love animals!

They give a great metaphor for the vast spectrum of natural body sizes. My mom’s pit bull has a body different than my lab. Does this make one wrong and one right? One healthy and one unhealthy? One superior and one inferior?

Neither of them seem to care what their bodies look like, they just enjoy eating and playing and living; that’s what body acceptance and food freedom is all about.

With me, I hope you will feel welcome and validated. We will explore food rules, where they come from, and if they still serve you in a helpful way. Total food freedom is possible with lots of hard work and honesty.

Yours Truly,

Brenna Topham


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