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Updated: Jun 14

Hi all! My name is Kris, and I’m thrilled to be joining WC&NT! I am a registered and licensed dietitian here in Texas and now I’m receiving supervision from our owner, Jill, to become a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian (CEDRD) as well. I can’t wait to dive even deeper into this amazing field.

So, how did I get here?

The science and philosophy behind food and nutrition has always fascinated me, so it was a natural choice to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Food and Nutrition at the University of Alabama. From there I went straight into my dietetic internship at the University of Houston where I fell in love with the city of Houston and decided to make it my new home.

After I became a dietitian I worked in the nonprofit sector as the Nutrition Services Manager for the Houston Food Bank. I know first hand how difficult food insecurity is to cope with, especially while navigating through recovery from disordered eating. This led to my passion to reduce stigma and help create a world where everyone has access to all the resources they need to live and thrive, including food and treatment they can easily afford.

As your dietitian, I like to address eating disorders from several facets. Understanding why we’re feeling the way we do is, in my opinion, the first step to self-acceptance and recovery. I believe that eating disorders should be examined from a scientific and psychological perspective, a systemic and sociological perspective, as well as an evolutionary and biological perspective. Together, we will dig into not only how your body is reacting to disordered eating, but also why it is reacting that way in the first place.

Your instincts, feelings, and bodily responses like cravings or weight gain are not “dumb.” In fact, these were what kept humans alive as we evolved past hunting and foraging. Your personal instincts also developed to keep you safe as best as your body could. This is not a weakness! This is your natural strength and resilience showing. By understanding and accepting where these feelings and bodily responses come from, we can address what eating behaviors no longer serve you. I want to help you learn to work with your body, instead of against it, when it comes to food and eating!

Now you may be saying, “Kris, of course I want to get on the same page as my body! But I’m stuck!” Take a deep breath. I’m here to help. Let’s say for the sake of illustration that you’re stuck in a sticky swamp. I’m not going to (and can’t!) just haul you out of the swamp. What I can do is give you tools, help you train your muscles, and support you so you can get out of this “stuck place” right now, as well as in the future when the going gets tough!

One of the first muscles we’re going to build is our “curiosity muscle.” I love the quote by Francie White, “Replacing judgment with curiosity is a key element in becoming unstuck.” I believe this wholeheartedly! Right now you may be judging certain foods. You may be judging your cravings, your behaviors, your body, your emotions, the list goes on and on! You may even be judging the fact that you are judging some of these things! Whenever we notice judgment, we’ll try turning it into curiosity and exploration! I’ll be a skilled guide on that exploratory journey.

As for who I am outside of work, I live with my lovely wife and precious puppy in Pearland. I love to learn about everything and am constantly acquiring new hobbies. A few of my current favorite hobbies are woodworking, podcasting, drawing, cooking, gardening, reading, attempting to fix things, soaking up sunshine, and watching cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, remember:

“A plan is only as good as those that see it through.”

From Star Wars: The Clone Wars (1x04)

Let’s make a plan and see it through together!

Kris Shives, RDN, LD


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