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Meet our Newest Dietitian, Laura!

Maybe you’re a dietitian or aspiring to be. Maybe you’re deep into recovery or just starting. Whatever it may be that led you here, I hope my story provides encouragement.

Whenever I experienced setbacks while growing up, my mom always told me, “it all happens for a reason.” To be honest, most of the time I didn’t believe her and figured she was only saying those words because she had to as a loving mom. In retrospect, I can most definitely tell you that every single challenge, surprise, and disappointment are in preparation for something greater.

Athletics have always been important to me since I was a young child. While I tried various team and individual sports, I found my passion as a figure skater in middle school. I trained mornings, nights, and even got permission to take time away from classes to spend more time in the ice rink. I breathed figure skating and certainly saw it dictating everything in my life, including how I slept, ate, socialized, and viewed my body. Figure skating opened many doors for me in life, but it best prepared me to have a deep understanding of environmental triggers of eating disorders.

College is a tricky time in life. You’re suddenly not a child anymore and expected to make decisions that could ultimately define your life. I struggled with these decisions. I was not the student who walked in freshman year with the next four years completely planned. Rather, I was the student who visited the counselor multiple times to explore different programs, hoping my previous courses weren’t a waste. I eventually decided to pursue a psychology degree since learning about the processes of the mind fascinated me, and I believed it would be very applicable to any career in the healthcare field. Dietetics, nutrition, and eating disorder treatment weren’t even on my radar at this point. In fact, come senior year I was beginning the application process with physical therapy schools.

My heart was set on becoming a physical therapist, and I was convinced no other career would suit me. At this point in my story now, you can probably guess my physical therapy applications were rejected. I will forever remember getting the notification in my car and sobbing to my mom over the phone as she continually repeated, “it all happens for a reason.” For the next 3 years, I worked as a manager for a corporate mortgage company. This position forced me to do some soul searching to discover where I actually saw myself as a professional. I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide I was going to be a dietitian, but I processed over time my experiences as a figure skater, my longing to learn more about the processes of the mind, and my desire to serve others in a healthcare setting. Five years after I graduated with my psychology degree, I graduated with another degree in dietetics and human nutrition. I Immediately immersed myself in work and training with eating disorder treatment centers where I developed a strong desire to take on a long term role as an outpatient eating disorder dietitian.

So here I am. A registered dietitian, pursuing advanced training at Wellness Coaching and Nutrition Therapy. While my journey to becoming a dietitian was not a smooth paved road, I am very thankful for the bumps along the way. I am passionate about navigating the ups and downs of life with my clients and linking these events to the way we nourish our bodies. As a mom of two toddlers, I love working with families, children, and teens and helping them implement recovery processes in the home. I understand everyone’s journey to eating disorder recovery looks different, and I hope I can collaboratively counsel clients through a recovery unique to them.

Yours Truly,

Laura Brooks, RDN, LD


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