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Welcome Jessica Spence, RD, LD!

Hi Friend!

My name is Jessica, and I’m BEYOND excited that you clicked to learn more about me. I am a proud Houstonian, born and raised. Sure, I may have dreamed about escaping the constant battle with humidity and mosquitoes but I digress. How did I stumble into the field of nutrition and eating disorders? If I am being honest, it was a series of small serendipities.

First, let's take a ride in my (fictional) DeLorean. Growing up, my mom encouraged me to play sports that emphasized tenacity and collaboration. By middle school I had obtained my black belt in Taekwondo after which I pivoted and began my career in soccer. I loved playing both sports and appreciate the personal growth they fostered at a young age. Once I was older, I learned my mom had also been fearful of a sport negatively impacting my self-perception. She explained her reservations about sports like gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading due to their unspoken emphasis on external appearance and concern that an adult would critique my physical appearance at an impressionable age. I instantly understood my mom’s fears and was grateful for her wisdom and foresight. However, this also broke my heart because it meant we lived in a world where unsolicited judgements about food and body were commonplace.

Flash forward to college! I began my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University as a political science major with law school aspirations. Yes, to answer your question, I was heavily influenced by the movie Legally Blonde. So it was a shock to me when I realized I was nearing the end of my degree, and I lacked passion for what I was learning. After many pros and cons lists, I decided to marry my love for science and food. After yet another successful pivot, I ended up at the University of Houston where I graduated Magna Cum Laude with my Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Foods. It was at the University of Houston where I met a professor that introduced me to the world of Nutritional Counseling. I was in LOVE. In this class, we learned about the harms of weight stigma and diet culture. Most importantly, I learned I could be an advocate for those who went to the doctor with a cold and were told they “Just needed to lose weight.” I am here to tell you; WEIGHT IS NOT AN ACCURATE MARKER OF OVERALL HEALTH. After completing Nutritional Counseling my first semester, I concluded that I would do everything in my power to help those who ever felt ashamed of their body or guilty for the food that nourishes it. I am here to tell you that you can repair your relationship with food and reach a weight that is BIOLOGICALLY appropriate for you!

After graduating with my degree in Nutrition, I completed my Dietetic Internship with the University of Houston. During my dietetic internship, I rotated through the Medical Center for Eating Disorders (MCED), an outpatient RD’s office, CFISD school district, Spanish Meadows, and Center for Discovery’s (CFD) Residential Facility in Cypress, Texas. SPOILER ALERT: After completing my dietetic internship, I passed my RD exam, and became a licensed dietitian! In addition to Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy, I work full time at The Menninger Clinic with their eating disorder program. At Menninger, I have gained valuable insight on the treatment of mental health disorders. I work alongside some of the most skilled psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, addictions specialists, and researchers. If you decide that you would like to work with me, know that I will stand by your side as your dietitian, your advocate, and your guide on this journey towards repairing your relationship with food. Trust me when I say that you can do this; I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Warmest Regards,

Jessica Spence, RD, LD

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