Sarah Gibson


Sarah is currently a post baccalaureate student studying Human Nutrition at the University of Houston. She plans to pursue her dietetic internship to become a Registered Dietitian. She is interested in the field of eating disorders as well as sports nutrition.


Originally from California, Sarah received her first bachelor's degree from California State University Long Beach in music performance but always had an interest in nutrition, leading her to pursue a career in nutrition and dietetics. Before starting her schooling for nutrition, 


Sarah served in the US Army Reserves in Bell, California for two years and decided to go active duty where she completed her contract in Alaska.

Aside from dietetics, Sarah loves being outside and enjoying the warm weather to include hiking, biking, and lake trips with her two American bullies. She enjoys traveling to new places either in the US or outside of the country as well as trying new restaurants, whether that be a different ethnic food or one of her favorite cuisines.

Recovery Coach