Want a better relationship with food_ (8

Want a better relationship with food?

Let us help you discover a peaceful relationship with food, exercise, your body AND mind to increase overall

well-being: physically and emotionally.

With weight being a poor indicator of health, the dietitians at Wellness Coaching & Nutrition Therapy approach health with a weight neutral approach to achieve a lifestyle that you (and your body!) can get on board with. Let us help you stop obsessing over food and create a sustainable lifestyle that doesn't involve restricting foods you enjoy.

We all have fears, anxiety, doubts, and insecurities that hold us back from engaging in the life we have envisioned for ourselves. Because of this, at Conquer & Bloom Katy Counseling (an extension of WC&NT) we want to help you rewrite the narrative you've been stuck in so you can conquer those obstacles and bloom into that life that has felt out of reach.

We want to make sure you feel we're a good fit for your needs. Get to know our team and our philosophy by clicking on the "Discover More" button and each RDN's or LPC's profile below.

Jill Sechi
Jill Sechi

Practice Owner, IAEDP Supervisor, Eating Disorders & Disordered Eating, Weight Neutral Approach to Health

Brenna Topham
Brenna Topham
Eating disorders, disordered eating, non-diet approaches to health concerns, interstitial cystitis, and queer-informed care.
Sarah Roth
Sarah Roth
Eating disorders, disordered eating, weight-neutral approach to health concerns, diabetes, CKD, and PCOS.
Elizabeth Bolton

Eating disorders, disordered eating, trauma, anxiety, self-injurious behavior, athlete mental health

Lisa Nesta
Eating disorders, disordered eating, sports nutrition
Emily Lefler
B.S., Dietetics and Nutrition and Health
Recovery Coach
Erik Anderson
Erik Anderson 
Certified Personal Trainer
Shelbi Manela
Office Manager,  Accounts & Billing, Social Media Lead
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